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New Burnout 5 screens and information


We’ve recently come across these screens for the next Burnout installment, which look nothing short of drop dead gorgeous. We’ll save you looking through the press release, which is a novel in itself, and instead deliver the cold hard facts.

Over 90 miles of wheel-melting asphalt, split up into 5 districts, together comprising 18 different neighborhoods, the city’s size is roughly equivalent to 15 older Burnout courses chained together.


Every virtual inch will be accessible to the player, from the outset of the game, without loading between districts. From the very beginning of the game, the player really will have ready access to any part of the city. No walls will prevent you from getting to certain zones. No glowing barriers will direct races one way or the other. Unlockable content will be a thing of the past.

Criterion has thought up a new method of tracking your accomplishments in-game: You’ll earn yourself a driver’s license, so instead of having a wide variety of cars with a particular best that gets unlocked by the end of the game, Criterion came up with the Burnout Driver’s License, which logs your in-game accomplishments-crashes, high-speed runs, stunts, running other cars off the road, and so on-and levels up the driver’s abilities to match.

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While individual cars do have their own stats, those stats can be modified based on a driver’s skill set. Thus, if you manage to track down a particularly awesome car early in the game, it will likely be incredibly hard to drive, as your driver stats will skew the car’s stats. Level up your license, though, and you’ll be able to take that wheel without much difficulty.

Burnout 5 may find a release on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360, but for the Criterion team, the PS3 version will be a huge focus. the team is attacking the PS3 with the same fervency they did the PS2-one hell of a lot. 1080p over HDMI, for instance, just isn’t possible on the 360 at this point, although it’s a foregone conclusion on the PS3. The PS3’s Sixaxis controller will provide additional control options the 360’s doesn’t have. Plus, the PS3’s advanced processing capabilities make it particularly suited to the physics-intensive crashes that are going to be taking place.

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The new physics engine Criterion has implemented will allow fracturing of cars into 80 different parts, a massive leap from the 12 destructive components of Burnout Revenge’s vehicles. You’ll be able to shear roofs off of rides, shred doors and windows, and even tear entire cars in half during takedowns and crashes.

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