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Namco keeps the faith

Talk of PS3 has cast doubt over the future of the PS2, but fans need not worry. Following E3 Namco confirmed their upcoming titles for the people’s console along with re-assurance that future development will not be affected by rumours of the next PlayStation.

With sales rocketing (mainly due to the price cut thanks to competition from Billy G) many other companies such as EA and Square have confirmed interest in carrying on developing for the PS2. Fans can look forward to Time Crisis 3, the third instalment of the long running light gun series, and Ridge Racing Evolution, an update to Namco’s launch title racer.

There were many new games floating around the sea of sequels at the E3 booth. A take on Todd McFarlane’s Spawn (good vs evil aplenty) was spotted along with gritty shooter Kill.Switch. Early in development was I-Ninja, an extreme sport involving, you guessed it, ninjas.

Of course, don’t forget the imminent summer release of Soul Calibur 2. What? You forgot? Shame on you!

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