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Namco buys up exclusive license to produce…

Gumby games.

Yeah, Gumby.

This guy:

The other day, I joked around, and said there’s nothing left to be bought by these publishers, and Namco announces that they’ve bought Gumby. Now, I’m going to auction off my sock drawer to any publisher that wants it. Come on, there’s got to be something in there that you can make into an EXCLUSIVE TITLE.

Prema Toy Co., Inc., which owns Gumby and all his friends, has awarded Namco the exclusive interactive entertainment publishing rights to the classic children’s entertainment property. The deal allows Namco to create video games for all game systems, featuring Gumby and all related characters, such as Pokey, Prickle, Goo and the infamous Blockheads. Namco also has the unique opportunity for Gumby to make cameo appearances in other upcoming Namco games.

Could we see Gumby and Pokey shooting it out in the next Time Crisis game? Who knows. Odds are, it will become a platformer, but it could be innovative. Keep your eyes out for more information.

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