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Mya joins Bond

James Bond

Female American singer Mya is the final celeb to join the vocal talents behind EA’s latest Bond outing, Everything Or Nothing.

Never one to keep their wallet in their pocket, EA have gone on a major spending spree for the latest game in the James Bond series. Not only have they added another storey to Pierce Brosnan’s mansion in exchange for the use of his face and voice, but they’ve also roped in some other celebrity talent, namely American Pie totty Shannon Elizabeth, German sexbot Heidi Klum and Green Goblin Willem Dafoe as the villain. Even Richard Kiel aka Jaws will be making a return. It’s surprising they’ve got any money left to make the game at all.

But make the game they have, and looks like they’ve done a good job of it too. Shifting the camera from a first to a third-person perspective, Everything Or Nothing is now firmly in Metal Gear/Splinter Cell territory, although it has one crucial element that those titans are missing – it’s actually got James Bond. Expect lots of innuendo, narrow escapes, foolish plot blurting and handily-previously-introduced gadgets that are good for only one thing…

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