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MotorStorm 2 racing toward an autumn release

Sony has confirmed that MotorStorm 2 is in development for the PS3 and should be released this autumn, and released a accompanying teaser trailer.


Moving on from the first game’s setting of Monument Valley, the second title will be set on an unspecified tropical island and will feature sixteen tracks and a new vehicle class, Monster Trucks. There will be online multiplayer for up to sixteen people, and it seems developer Evolution Studios has listened to the first game’s criticisms as they are adding up to 4-player offline multiplayer this time.

Go here to see the debut trailer on YouTube, which should give more of an idea of the game’s setting and chaotic races. And here to see our review of the original MotorStorm, where it earned an impressive 8/10.

We will keep you posted on news of this sequel as it comes in.

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