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More Tomb Raider on the way?

Eidos has filed a trademark in the US for the name Tomb Raider: Underworld, prompting rumours that this will be the title of the next game in the series.

The filing has covered both digital and retail distribution of the game, which suggests that it could be made available as downloadable episodes over Xbox Live, much like Tomb Raider: Anniversary was recently. Similarly, it could just mean the game will be for sale over Valve’s Steam, much like the rest of Eidos’ games.


The very lovely Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Little is known so far, although speculation suggests it could be centred around the last five days in the Mayan calendar, where portals between our world and the Underworld are said to open and bad things ensue.

Eidos also revealed in a financial statement earlier this year that they will be releasing new instalments in the Hitman, Championship Manager and Just Cause franchises.

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