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New video showcases the Phantom by hiding major vagueness behind extremely jazzy visuals. Just like always.

You will all have heard about the seemingly never-ending epic that is the development of the Phantom console. And finally, after months of speculation, we thought that when the console was finally unveiled in an online video, we’d be getting more specs, stats and info than you could shake an Xbox at.

More fool us.

The video, launched on the Infinium Labs website, continued the theme of super-vagueness shrouded in a impressive veil of imagery and sound, that has become synonymous with the project as a whole. Our interest was piqued by the admittedly amazing presentation, the promise of wireless controllers, a 3GHz CPU and 256 DDR RAM, but by the time ‘High performance Intel motherboard’ and ‘High performance nVidia graphics card’ had flashed across the screen, they’d lost us. Like the company’s website, the vid was all mouth and no trousers. It looked mighty but told us nothing.

So. The Phantom. Joke or reality? The future of gaming or the next Jaguar? You decide. We’ll bring you the definitive word either way, as soon as there is one.

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