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Microsoft give Xbox a budget range


Microsoft are to introduce a budget range of Xbox games in America, retailing at just twenty dollars.

It seems strange, but the PlayStation 2’s Platinum range was only introduced in early 2002, despite seeming like they’ve been around for ever and ever. It was massively popular, with the first few mega PS2 titles being re-released at just 20 pounds. Microsoft obviously want a slice of the budget pie, and are ready to introduce a new budget range of Xbox games in the States, starting with superb racer Project Gotham Racing.

The games will retail from just $19.99, although the range hasn’t been given a proper title yet (something with an ‘X’ in it, we’ll guess) and no other games have been spoken of so far. Microsoft also haven’t made it clear if us UK gamers will get Xbox games on the cheap, but it’s more than likely.

Early indications seem to suggest games like Dead or Alive 3, Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee and yes, even Halo will be given the budget treatment. That’s $20 for one of the best games on Xbox then.

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