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Microsoft celebrates 5 years of Xbox Live


To recognise the 5 years that Xbox Live has been online, Microsoft has announced a pair of giveaways and a new download service.

Gamers who originally signed up for Xbox Live back in 2002 will be rewarded with 500 free Microsoft points. A new Xbox Live Arcade game called Carcassonne will available as a free download for all users on November 15, except in Korea where Hexic 2 will be free.

After a dashboard update on December 4th, Microsoft will also make original Xbox games available for download from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Titles like Halo, Psychonauts, Crimson Skies, and Fable will be available for 1,200 Microsoft points each ($14.99 or £10.20). Expect to see more games for sale in the future.

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