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MGS3 at PS experience

Yep, anyone lucky enough to have secured themselves a ticket to this month’s PlayStation Experience will get to see a brand new Metal Gear Solid 3 trailer. There is a slight disclaimer, in that “brand new” is rumoured to mean “slightly rejigged since E3”, but this is no time to be churlish; Hideo Kojima is also set to make an appearance at the show!

Though the unwaveringly serious Mr Kojima is unlikely to cause quite such a ruckus as Shigeru Miyamoto did when the Nintendo man appeared earlier this year in London, news is that the solemn one will not just be in attendence, but also dishing out the autographs. Fancy.

MGS: The Snake Eater won’t be playable at the show, but at the very least we’ll grab a quick word with Hideo in order to find out the burning issues of the day. Namely, is that Snake or Big Boss in MGS3? When hunting for rations, will there be a vegetarian option for the ethically minded? And what possessed the man to ditch Snake in favour of golden-haired nancy-boy Raiden in Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty?

The PS2 experience takes place from August 28 – 31.

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