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Metal Gear Solid heads to GameCube

Metal Gear

Nintendo has confirmed that Konami and Miyamoto are working on Metal Gear title for the GameCube.While the rumour that Solid Snake was going to appear on the GameCube has been going around for a while, Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto recently dropped a few hints that the King of Stealth would be sneaking his way onto the ‘Cube.

Of course the original Metal Gear games appeared on the NES and more recently Snake was spotted on the Game Boy Colour, so Nintendo and the series aren’t unfamiliar with each other. Nintendo would not confirm whether the game is a remake of the original Metal Gear or a completely new adventure.

Either way, this is great news for the GameCube, and comes just as the machine is losing support from various publishers including Codemasters and Sega Sports.

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