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Metal Gear Solid 4 confirmed as PS3 exclusive

Metal Gear

SCEA boss Jack Tretton last night confirmed Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will be a PS3 exclusive when it is released worldwide next spring.

Hideo Kojima also made an unexpected appearance at Sony’s E3 conference where he showed new in-game footage and confirmed the release date.

Solid Snake is again the star (after a brief departure in MGS3), and he is hired to finally take down old enemy Liquid Ocelot (formerly Revolver Ocelot, now thought to be possessed by the deceased Liquid Snake). MGS2 enemy Vamp will also be returning, again voiced by serial voiceover-man Phil LaMarr.

Kojima also claims this title will be the last in the series, although it might be wise to take this with a handful of salt for the time being. It doesn’t seem likely Konami would end such a high-profile and huge-selling series.

Grizzled Metal Gear Solid veteran Solid Snake, looking considerably older and more worn than ever before

This news comes fast on the back of previous news where Konami expressed that MGS4 may be going multiformat, as we reported. However, this announcement was an important part of Sony’s E3 presentation, and the exclusivity confirmation and appearance of industry legend Kojima leaves no room for doubt.

Kojima ended the presentation with the promise of an actual demonstration at the PlayStation Premier event in Tokyo on July 17th. We will be ready for more information as it comes in.

[Via: Eurogamer]

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