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Metal Gear Acid Confirmed for European Launch

Metal Gear

All your Europeans out there will be glad to here that Metal Gear Acid, the latest release in the long-running Metal Gear series will be coming to Europe and right on time at the PSP’s highly anticipated launch. The US release of this game has been met with mostly favorable reviews with the only complaints coming from people who expected a Metal Gear Solid game, which it is clearly not by it’s title. Instead, Metal Gear Acid takes the series familiar roots and combines it with a strategy card game that requires more skill and thinking than just crawling through a vent shaft.

Assuming the role of series hero, Solid Snake, Metal Gear Acid is set in the year 2016 and begins as a terrorist faction hijacks a jumbo jet carrying a man understood to be the next US President. The terrorists demand the handing over of a project known only as ‘Pythagoras’, which is understood to be in development on the isolated Lobito Island.

Snake is thus charged with discovering what exactly ‘Pythagoras’ is and acquiring it from the heavily fortified base. To this end, players begin the game with a selection of battle cards which offer different actions during action sequences. Thus, players must carefully select cards to allow Snake to sneak around the island, take out guards and reach his ultimate targets. As with previous Metal Gear titles, Metal Gear Acid throws in a series of plot twists, while the gameplay constantly evolves as further cards and abilities become available. Over 200 cards can be collected offering Snake a wealth of offensive possibilities, weapons and characters, while different decks allow for themed missions unique to each collection, further expanding the challenge.

A sequel to the original game has already been announced for the US, so hopefully the sequel will be availible shortly after this one becomes availible. Check back with Thunderbolt for future coverage on this hotly anticipated title.

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