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One month, one more month to go until I reach my one year mark. It’s been quite a ride being a game journalist and when I look back, I tend to find myself having a hard time differentiating the tangible from the surreal. Perhaps it’s because I’m still trying to take it all in. The initial experience, from my acceptance into the fold, was overwhelming. Before I had a chance to sponge it all up, more was added to the surface area. I guess it’s a byproduct of the dream fulfillment process.

Within a year’s time, I’ve experienced and learned more than what anyone could hope to gain from years spent at a job or money spent on classes. I’ve developed a new appreciation for two passions, I’ve burned liters of midnight oils just to put ideas into words, and I’ve gone to the mecca that is E3. Not to mention, policing my own grammar has become common practice. Sacrifices have been made, working hard no longer meant an absence of enjoyment, and I think I grew up a little along the way.


But what still gets to me is the fact that, among you, there are those who are still where I was long ago. You want to get in on the game, but don’t know how. You’ve asked for advice but are only met with silence, and when you’re lucky, you get a response that doesn’t even relate. When someone masters a craft, or reaches the finish line, the last thing on that person’s mind is to find the time to help the new blood. Once someone reaches the destination, they tend to forget the struggles they’ve endured as they have to welcome a new era of struggles, the ones that come in maintaining their place.

I still have a lot to learn, and until I’ve reached my moment of zen, I believe I’m in a unique position to share. As I chronicle my experiences, I will also take the time to try and answer any questions you may have, big or small, about game journalism. If you’ve got something you want to ask, empty your cylinder at Until then, stay tuned for my stories.

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