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McDonald’s boss forgets who he works for, blames videogames for childhood obesity

This is a few days old, but the irony was too good to miss. Speaking to The Times, McDonald’s UK chief executive Steve Easterbrook pointed the finger at videogames for being a cause of obesity in children:

“The issue of obesity is complex and is absolutely one our society is facing, there’s no denial about that, but if you break it down I think there’s an education piece: how can we better communicate to individuals the importance of a balanced diet and taking care of themselves? Then there’s a lifestyle element: there’s fewer green spaces and kids are sat home playing computer games on the TV when in the past they’d have been burning off energy outside.”

While it’s true that sitting around at home without exercising enough is going to affect your health, it’s probably even more important to avoid junk food like McDonald’s. There are around 1,200 calories contained in an average Big Mac, large fries and a Coke, not to mention all the fat, salt and sugar.

You’d think that given McDonald’s reputation, which is even worse in the UK than in the US, that they would be smart enough to avoid coming out with statements like this. It must be bad enough being the target of films like Super Size Me and be humiliated in court cases like McLibel, where it was shown that they “exploit children”.

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