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Masatsuka speaks out about the PSP

“PS2-standard games” and “simple ideas” are to provide the main focus for Sony’s PSP software line-up, according to SCE’s Executive vice president Sakei Masatsuka, who laid down a further clear challenge to Nintendo in the lead-up to the handheld war.

Speaking very recently to Japanese magazine Famitsu PS2, he displayed an almost Miyamoto-like philosophy, saying about the PSP, “there’s an interest in being able to play PS2-standard software, but with broad appeal also the aim, we hope to bring out software centred on simple ideas too.”

If “PS2-standard” strikes fear into your heart – don’t let it. We’ve already read about how GT4 Mobile is likely to be a direct port of the PS2 version – an early indication of the handheld’s technological capabilities – and it is these types of games that Masatsuka hopes to see mixed up with simpler, more immediate titles (i.e. puzzle games) in order to maximise the console’s target audience.

“When the PlayStation appeared, both arcade software and business software makers signed up,” he continued. “The PSP will see a similar phenomenon. We want to hammer away at the system without thinking: ‘is a game as simple as this okay?'”

Masatsuka also admitted to a disappointing launch line-up on the PS2 and he concedes: “That remains an area of regret for the development team. We are motivated by the thought that we cannot repeat that again.”

As yet, Sony has to reveal what games may make it as part of the console’s early line-up, but in-development titles such as WipEout and the aforementioned GT4 cannot be assumed to be too far off the mark.

The Sony PSP will be available for play at next month’s Tokyo Games Show. There is still no exact official release date for the machine, although it is expected to be unleashed in Japan before Christmas and in Europe around March time next year.

Here’s hoping we get to have a play on one at the EGN/Gamestars event next month. Oh Momma…

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