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Mark ‘Marky Mark’ Wahlberg to play Max Payne?

It is rumoured that Twentieth Century Fox are in talks with Mark Wahlberg over the starring role in the forthcoming Max Payne movie.

Wahlberg is probably best known for his roles in Three Kings, the critically adored The Departed and, of course, cult classic Boogie Nights. Not forgetting Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

Max Payne was the first game to really capitalise on the post-Matrix slow-motion ‘Bullet-Time’ frenzy (which has since been included in some form in every game ever). It was a gritty film noir-inspired third-person shooter which was released in 2001 to enormous critical and commercial success (and ported to consoles in 2002 to an equally loud fanfare), but the 2003 sequel The Fall of Max Payne failed to make such an impression, and wasn’t so profitable for publisher Rockstar. The series has so far been developed by Finnish developers Remedy, who are currently making psychological horror Alan Wake for the Xbox 360.

Although Take Two have not discussed a new Max Payne title before now, it seems a fairly safe possibility that if a high-profile movie were to be released, they would accompany this with a new game.

Have a look below to see how good a match Wahlberg is for Payne:


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