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Learning Minecraft #7: End of the Mine


I’ve tested the limits of the Minecraft world and attempted to measure it from top to bottom, built massive structures and died repeatedly. The game has consistently surprised me from the outset. It is light and dark, yin and yang – a creative experience or one of violence and survival. Minecraft is a title with appeals to both adults and children, and one that’s used as an educational tool and even by the UN as an urban redevelopment visualisation tool.


In the months since my previous Minecraft blog, updates have added new creatures and weather effects to the game’s world. It is always changing and being improved upon. Discovering new content and sights whilst walking through the world is a pleasure in itself. Sometimes when playing I didn’t even want to build anything lest I impact the landscape in a negative way – could this be the exact opposite of what was intended? It likely is, but the openness of Minecraft, the potential for creativity even in how you experience it, is laudable.


I made a pact with myself to travel for two days straight and not to change anything – this may sound pointless, insane even, in a game designed around building with and smashing existing blocks, but it was done regardless. The game seemed to respond to my passive approach, the local fauna greeting my presence at every new destination. Jungles, desert and snowy forests where left intact as I journeyed through whilst new vision where generated on the horizon.


As the sun set the moon rose into the night and I began gliding across the ocean. Octopods’ tentacles gently waved through the surface water as I flew past and a moving piano piece by C418 began playing. The calm and tranquillity of such a moment is not something many other games offer. As the stars drifted away and new sunlight shone, I set down on a lone island and watched the sun rise.


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