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Latest Burnout 3: Takedown shots


These are the latest shots of Burnout 3 on PS2 and Xbox. They look good, don’t they?

Burnout 2 was one of the fastest racing games we’ve ever played here at Thunderbolt (definitely the fastest on PS2) and so we have high hopes for the third in the series.

As in most racers, the goal is to cross the finish line with your motor still in one piece, Burnout 3: Takedown does let you have a little fun on the way, and as its name suggests, it’s more than happy to turn a blind eye to a little argy-bargy here and there. And Crash mode has come on a long way too – should you find yourself careering out of control into a bus or lorry of some kind, these screens show you what you can expect. Looks to me like total carnage.

Burnout 3: Takedown will be racing onto shelves in early September on PS2 and Xbox.

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