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Killer Bees and Halo 2 in weirdest advert ever?

A totally uber-weird web-marketing campaign launched for Halo 2. What the hell is going on? Is this the start of a new age in overly-bizarre advertising, or is this just the work of a bunch of bonkers hackers? Several sites around the net claim that a group of Alternate reality Gamers (ARGs) are responsible, but other sites claim ARGs are being sent mysterious gift packs consisting of large pots of honey. Obviously, this makes absolutely no sense at all, which is why the buzz is really starting to get louder (if you can excuse that obvious pun).

So, what the hell is going on? Well, ever since the cinema trailer for Halo 2 flashed up the URL in place of the expected, tongues have wagged and fingers have clickety-clicked.

Is it an elaborately constructed marketing ploy, or something more sinister? Judge for yourselves, but if you need a clue or two why not head over to the wikipedia run, where they at least seem to be making a little sense of it all, mainly by extracting superfluous binary code from a gif image file.

Whatever will they think of next?

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