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Japan gets limited edition, metallic blue DS


Suntory, the Japanese distributor for Pepsi, has recently announced a new “campaign” in which they will be giving away 1,000 special edition, metallic blue DS systems. Those who purchase a 500ml bottle of Pepsi Twist (or Diet Pepsi Twist) will receive one of thirty Super Mario Bros. themed bottle caps, while purchasers of 1.5 liter bottles will get one of eight similarly themed tape rolls. Any purchase could end up being an instant winner of the slick DS bundle, which not only includes the blue system, but a pair of Pepsi headphones, and a metal case of matching color.

Soft drink campaigns like this (which give away bottle caps and other goodies) are quite common in Japan, but they almost never leave the country, so don’t expect this offer to extend to the UK, North America, or anywhere else. Those of us salivating for a DS with a color other than dull sliver will inevitably have to hit up ebay for one of these beauties (at a massively inflated price of course).

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