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Indie Games Uprising III

The current 360 dashboard does its best to hide away exactly what we bought the console for, whilst forcing utter tripe down our throats in the form of music videos no one will care about in three weeks time, films constructed with no heart and pound signs in their eyes, and advertisements – on a paid service – that blast out of your speakers if you accidentally slide onto one whilst navigating. There’s no need for analysis and a business case here: it’s clear that Microsoft has left digital games to fend for themselves. Even the recent arcade summer sale was hidden away and found through word of mouth alone.

Thankfully, not everyone has given up yet. To showcase the talent that does reside in the dashboard’s dungeon, and in attempt to push aside the endless clones of other titles, the Indie Games Uprising is now in its third year. This roadshow aims to ’promote Xbox Live Indie Games in the best light possible by showcasing the diversity, talent, and potential of the platform as a whole’. Having grown up around the Commodore 64 and Amiga it’s great to see coding out of love and experimentation. This is the closest thing to a bunch of games on a floppy-disk, bagged and tagged to the front of magazine.

From Monday just passed to Thursday, the 20th September, there’ll be a new title released each weekday. We’ll be checking out as many of them as we can, with thoughts and opinion soon to follow. For now you can visit the official Indie Games Uprising website.

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