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Hannibal – The Game

Mindscape today served gamers a slice of liver ‘with some fava beans and a nice Chianti’ with the announcement of Hannibal – The Game, an action-packed first person adventure for PC in November priced £29.99.

Due to be published by ARXEL TRIBE, Hannibal – The Game brings all the suspense, fear and psychology of Ridley Scott’s original movie release to the PC, with a unique blend of action, adventure, investigation and a new plot; enough to whet the appetite of the tubbiest man-eater.

Players assume the action-packed role of FBI agent Clarice Starling and, respecting the Federal Police Rules of Engagement, must hunt down Doctor Hannibal Lecter, a.k.a. ‘Hannibal the Cannibal’, across six sprawling levels, based on the movie’s key scenery. Using the disciplines of infiltration, arrest, interrogation and forensic analysis, players face numerous sub quests, directly connected to the serial killer’s own world and psychological background, ultimately leading to the root cause of how Lecter’s mind turned from normality to insanity.

Using advanced artificial intelligence and group behaviour, Hannibal – The Game’s characters look and act like the real thing, and an ultra realistic ‘gun draw’ system even has a direct impact on enemy behaviour. Hannibal’s world will feel very real indeed.

To enhance the agent experience, Hannibal – The Game features an innovative character ‘anxiety meter’ which, if left unchecked, will cause the player to experience high levels of stress through what they see and hear in the game’s environment. Factors such as injuries and superior reprimands will increase Clarice’s anxiety levels and may cause other character’s facial expressions to appear more aggressive, the context-sensitive music to become scary, and vision to blur. Players will find that trying to remain calm is a difficult thing to do when a hungry cannibal is on the prowl.

Hannibal – The Game is driven by Lithtech’s state-of-the-art JUPITER 3D engine, as used in No One Lives Forever 2, which delivers fast and seamless gameplay, complemented by groundbreaking special effects such as explosions, torches and particle effects.

Hannibal – The Game’s many action sequences are played through a highly detailed scripted first person mode. Clarice will have numerous weapons at her disposal and she will have to be particularly careful in her modus operandi when faced with dangerous criminals or even Doctor Lecter himself.
With all these nail-biting features, Hannibal – The Game looks set to devour the PC gaming world when it is published by ARXEL TRIBE and distributed by Mindscape in November 2003, priced £29.99.

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