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Halo 3 to include four-player Live co-op

Following weeks of speculation and an apparent confirmation there would be no online co-op, Bungie has confirmed that there will be four-player co-operative play over Xbox Live and System Link.


Master Chief and the Arbiter will be returning, but so as not to damage the integrity of the plot Bungie have written in two new Elites to fill the extra two slots – they are N’Tho ‘Sraom, a young warrior furious that Prophets let the Brutes supersede the Elites, and Usze ‘Taham, who was targeted for assassination after refusing to accept a place in the Royal Guard.


Each character will have the same strength and power, but they will start with different weapons.

Halo 3 is currently down for a European release on September 26th. We’ll bring you more news as it comes in.

(Via: Eurogamer)

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