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Halo 2 finished

A source at Microsoft stated that the follow-up to the Xbox blockbuster is complete. So let us have it already!

At this moment, sitting in a locked down room with armed guards surrounding it (probably), is the finished code of Halo 2. Despite having a release date of April 2004, the game is “more advanced than Halo was when it was released.” So why aren’t we reviewing it right now? Well, it seems that Microsoft are holding it back to boost Xbox Live subscriptions.

Rather than launching in time for Christmas and cleaning up, Microsoft and Bungie want to wait until the first renewals of their online service are due and clean up in April. Since Halo 2 has such a lot of Live content, Microsoft are using it as both a carrot and stick to get people to sign-up. Put it this way – would you be more likely to renew your subscription in four months after having played the best game ever to death, or if the best game ever is just about to come out?

Well, that’s Microsoft for you.

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