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Half-Life 3 confirmed


If you haven’t got the Russian hack code on the black market, you’ll most probably still be waiting for Half-Life 2. If it feels like it’s been taking forever, think how long you’ll be waiting until Half-Life 3 then, which has officially been confirmed.

And it’s no surprise, anyone who thought Valve would sit contented upon their stacks of cash after releasing Half-Life 2 must be insane. In an interview with Swedish magazine Gamereactor, Valve CEO Gabe Newell admitted that he had already begun planning a third Half-Life title which may well feature HL2’s Alyx as a playable character. Newell also stated that Half-Life 3 would focus more on the reasons behind the alien attacks, rather than the attacks themselves, whatever that means.

Newell will no doubt be disgruntled that Gamereactor have broken their non-disclosure agreement and gone public on Half-Life 3, especially seeing as Valve are going hell for leather to get number 2 on the shelves this year – the last thing they need is for people to look too far over the horizon. Gabe’s been busy on the interview circuit recently, claiming that £25m had already been spent on Half-Life 2 and that the game is merely months away from release.

Of course, we’ve all heard that before.

Newell also elaborated on the company’s own Steam distribution service, which will allow paying customers to download Half-Life 2 upon release (even slightly earlier), and will upgrade your version of the game automatically whenever new hardware is detected. It’s all sounding very flashy, but the only words we really want to hear out of Newell’s mouth at the moment are the game’s final UK release date.

Still, Half-Life 2 will be on show at E3 in but a few short weeks, and you can count on a wealth of new information being released from the expo floor, just to keep the wolves at bay.

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