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Half-Life 2 surfaces in Russia


Bootleg copies of Half-Life 2 are now on sale in deepest darkest Novosibirsk, so if we have any Russian readers you should get down there.

Release date slippage is one of those things that you can’t escape in this industry, so when Vivendi revealed Half-Life 2 in early 2003, we were initially sceptical about their proposed late September release date, and rightly so since the title sadly slid back to November.

Here, however, is where the story twists. The code of the game was swiped by devious hackers and playable copies of early code began to surface on the internet within days. Leaks were mopped up quickly enough but further delays were made. All of a sudden, you weren’t going to be playing Half-Life 2 till mid 2004.

Unless you’re Russian.

All this is highly illegal of course. Although it seemed like everyone who’d magically acquired a copy of the famous bootleg had ‘accidentally’ deleted it from their machine on closer inspection, certain areas of Russia and the Ukraine are now selling a two-disc version of the leaked code for a few quid. The code has even been translated into Russian, how crazy is that?

This is all bad news for us though, because for every legal action Vivendi has to take, Half-Life 2 slips further and further from our grasp. Reports now suggest that Gordon may now not be appearing on PC until the second half of this year, but at the end of the day, who knows.

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