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Half-Life 2 screens leaked!


A bunch of screenshots of the upcoming blockbuster, Half-Life 2, have been leaked onto the net. These are the very first screens of the game, due to be officially shown at the upcoming E3 in May.

Details of the game are few and far between, but we know that you’ll play Gordon Freeman again. Other characters from the first title will also re- appear, including the G-Man and Eli Vance.

The game will take place in a fictional European-style city called City 17, and you’ll be fighting off an all-new alien threat, who are, according to the game designer, “much more sinister and organized.”

These first screens look frankly amazing, and like Unreal II, you may need a monster of a PC to run it. We’ve heard that the game will be playable on a Pentium 700 system, although the optimal target will be a 2GHz machine with a GeForce 4 card.

Half-Life 2 will hopefully be released on its intended launch date of September 30th 2003. We’ll bring you more info one it’s been shown at E3 this May.

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