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Half-Life 2 for Christmas?


Rumours of a 2003 release for Half-Life 2 are flying around, with German magazine and website GameStar suggesting it will be out in time for Christmas.

Gamestar claims to have information from a conference call from nVidia to business partners and analysts, and linking the game’s release with its five year birthday in November.

What is surprising is the rumour states that Half-Life 2 will have a brand new engine designed by Valve from scratch, and won’t use the Quake 3 engine as previously anticipated.

An Xbox version is also likely, especially as the Microsoft machine has similar features to the current nVidia chips and that Valve founders learned the market know-how at Microsoft.

Valve, as announced at E3, is creating a brand new 3D engine for Team Fortress 2 – which is now believe to be the same for Half-Life 2, and rumour has it, for the next incarnation of Counter-Strike.

It’s well known in the industry that graphics card manufacturers like ATI and nVidia have routinely have access to highly-secretive software to aid development and compatibility with their next-generation cards, making a leak from highly-placed sources reasonably likely as a source.

Don’t take any of this as fact, but there may be some possibility that it’s true. When we find out, we’ll let you know.

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