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Half-Life 2 delay official

Half-Life 2 will now officially not be coming out before Christmas 2003, according to several reports this morning. The reports, citing an announcement by Vivendi Universal, blame last week’s damaging incident where unscrupulous hackers leaked developer Valve’s source code onto the Internet. Half-Life 2 was originally due to release on September 30.

Vivendi Universal Group CEO, Christophe Ramboz, went on the record today, saying hackers stole around third of the code for the entire game although it would be “almost impossible” for this code to be made use of in an effective and damaging manner. The game is now set for release – wait for it – in April 2004 And that’s at the earliest.

This is a blow for the industry in the run up to Xmas, and will seriously knock the wind out of the sales of the publishers who’d been holding their FPS back so as not to clash with this leviathon.

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