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Lots of people slagged off Sega/Red Entertainment’s Gungrave when it came out late last year, but to do so was to miss the point. Gungrave was old school – it didn’t have to explain itself. Majestically constructed visuals, superb character design and action that just didn’t know when to quit – so what if it was short? The first thing you want to do when you complete the game is play through all over again. Gungrave is ace.
If you like a lot of ponderous exploration and time consuming dialogue, we’d imagine this is one to miss, but if the thought of running around shooting the bejesus out of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING is one that appeals, Gungrave is well worth tracking down. Relentless. Explosive. Hey, we like it.

So it is with a song in our hearts and a smile on our usually scowling faces that we announce Gungrave OD (which stands for Overdose) is coming, again on PlayStation 2.

The main character Grave – so eccentrically devil may care, he runs around twatting bad guys with a coffin he’s got strapped to his back – returns, but a new guitar-toting fellow, superbly named Rocket Billy Red Cadillac, is also present, as is a man known only as Kabane Juuji, who relies on a natty double sword/gun combo to dispose of his foes.

Gungrave OD is set for a Spring 2004 release in Japan, and we’re being promised bigger levels and more replay value for this sequel; good news for anime-crazed once-dead shoot-shoot-shoot enthusiasts everywhere.

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