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GTA: Vice City PC release date set

Grand Theft Auto

Today, Rockstar announced the release date of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on PC. VC is set to hit the shelves in North America on May 13th and in Europe on May 16th. The PC version has been confirmed to have enhanced features, including improved graphics and sound, additional PC controls, as well as several options for players to customize the game.

“We felt that we had to truly outdo ourselves when it came to developing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and felt that we owed it to the fans to continue to keep enhancing and delivering the gameplay, cinematic graphics, production values and audio experience that have become synonymous with the Grand Theft Auto franchise,” said Sam Houser, president of Rockstar Games. “We are truly humbled by the response that the game has received so far and are extremely excited to showcase Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the PC.”

“The real beauty behind Grand Theft Auto is not only the freedom that it allows the players, but also the freedom that it has given us as developers,” added Leslie Benzies, president of Rockstar North. “The open ended, non-linear world of Grand Theft Auto allows us to stretch the limits of our imaginations by giving us an open canvas to work with. This was especially the case when it came to creating Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The 80’s fashion styles, music, and sensibility fueled our creativity to the fullest. We are extremely excited for the PC world to experience the fruits of our labor when the enhanced version of the game is released this spring.”

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