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GT4 not surprisingly delayed again.

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo 4 has been on ‘nearly ready’ for what seems like an age, but it seems Sony are refusing to drop the chequered flag and unleash GT4 unto the world. First we were told it would be arriving in 2003, but that never happened. Then we were promised that GT4 would be arrive in Spring this year, but again Sony have stepped in and decided that’s not feasible. Just when can we get our grubby little hands on Gran Turismo 4 then?

Well, the smart money is now on July. Forever playing their cards close to their chest, Sony have claimed they expect Gran Turismo 4 to hit PS2 in June or July, and us being the cynical types we are choose to go for the latter. What makes things worse is that right now, Japanese punters are happily burning around five tracks with fifty odd cars on the prologue disc, which definitely ain’t coming to the UK or US, so we’re told.

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