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Greenpeace shames Nintendo and Microsoft for their environmental policy


So much for that shiny and family friendly image. In a Greenpeace report released today, Nintendo has become the first company to score zero out of ten for their environmental policy. Microsoft didn’t fare much better either, receiving 2.7, although Sony got a healthy 7.3.


The sixth edition of Greenpeace International’s Guide to Greener Electronics has been expanded to include televisions and game consoles.

“The global games consoles sector shipped 62.7 million units in 2006. Growth of 14.9 per cent in the year made it one of the fastest developing sectors in the field of electronic products. The low scores from leading manufacturers Nintendo and Microsoft reveal that they still have a long way to go in improving their environmental policies and practices.”

While Nintendo scored zero on all criteria, “allowing infinite room for future improvement”, Microsoft came in at 16th place out of 18 companies, scoring points for setting a timeline by which it intends to eliminate vinyl plastic (PVC) and all BFRs, but only by 2011.

The full report is available here.

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