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Grandia III heading to stores not-quite-near you

The second sequel in Game Arts’ popular RPG series has just hit store shelves in Japan, with the suggested retail tag of 7,980 Yen (about 71 USD or 58 Euro). Featuring an epic story, a refined battle system (now with aerial combos), voice acting by famous Japanese talents and some of the most breathtaking visuals ever in a PS2 game, Grandia III appears set to make a big splash in the Land of the Rising Sun. Square-Enix, the game’s publisher, has yet to announce release dates for any regions outside of Japan, but rest assured that the localization process is already underway.

For those with a decent level of proficiency in the Japanese language, the game can be imported from Play Asia and Lik-Sang.

Here is a selection of screens to help keep you satiated until a local release (more pics, movies and artwork can be gleaned from the official site at

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