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Grand Theftendo – Grand Theft Auto for the NES?

Grand Theft Auto

Would you believe it, some crazy Canadian re-makes Grand Theft Auto III for the 20 year old Nintendo Entertainment System.

Yes, it sounds like a practical joke, but it’s not. Programmer Brian Provinciano is creating a GTA III ‘tribute’ on the NES, a system that’s entered its third decade.

You can find the Grand Theftendo website here, and be amazed at what Brian’s trying to do – an homage to Liberty City in full 8-bit, top-down, front-view brilliance. There’s a brief history of the project and a load of screenshots.

It’s probably worth you keep checking back there too as when the project is finished, the game will be available as a free download. Unless, of course, Rockstar North’s lawyers don’t sue his ass.

We’ll see…

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