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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto

Doing nothing to dispel rumours of another instalment in the huge cash-cow series, Grand Theft Auto, Take-Two have registered a new domain name.

Despite claiming that Vice City was going to be the last GTA game for a while, the huge piles of cash it generated seems to have changed a few minds. The plan was originally to do GTA4 as a revolutionary title on the next generation of consoles, but we’ve found a fairly big hint that we may not have to wait until number 4 for more GTA.

So GTA 4 on PlayStation 3? Looks probable. Launch title for PS3? We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

The name of the site (and therefore the game)? Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Previously best known for having a rather large fault, San Andreas will soon be eternally linked to car-crime, guns and random acts of violence. Which may not necessarily be a step up.

More news, as and when.

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