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Grand Theft Auto 4 in development

Grand Theft Auto

What a day! First Metal Gear Solid on GameCube, then news of GT4 at E3, now this. Can it get any better?

Rockstar is believed to have two GTA titles underway at the moment, the main team working on a follow-up to Vice City and a small team of five working on GTA 4. The follow up to GTA: Vice City is likely to be based in San Andreas, as the web domain was registered by Rockstar a while back. San Andreas is also the last city from the original GTA to be put into 3D.

Back to GTA 4. Apparently, a team of five individuals are working on a true sequel to GTA 3. It’s also unsurprising to hear that it will not be released on any of the current hardware, and will launch on next-gen hardware. The PlayStation 3 seems an obvious choice, but you never know what’s going to happen in the games industry.

Don’t expect to hear anything official about San Andreas until at least the E3 event in May. I expect we won’t be hearing of GTA 4 until after the release of San Andreas. We’ll bring you more when we get it.

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