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Gran Turismo 4 will be at E3

Gran Turismo

It has been confirmed that video footage of GT4 will be unveiled at this May’s E3. Although it will again feature indestructible cars, some of those indestructible cars will be Porsches and Ferraris, which is fine with us.

There are rumours flying around about it being online only, and every driver will be ranked by experience. This means that in Gran Turismo mode, all the other cars on the circuit will be driven by real people of a similar ability. Cars will be tradeable, there will be organised tournaments and you can ride along with other drivers, getting an in-car view of their laps.

Arcade mode will be a huge list of globally ranked players with chat-rooms tacked on. If GT4 is online-only, then this will be a huge boost for the PS2 online network, which is currently being overshadowed by Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE.

The huge scope of the game is what stopped playable code being available for E3, but if it ends up being half as good as it sounds, then it will be worth the wait.

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