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Golden Eye 2 : Goldeneye and Goldfinger?

James Bond

Electronic Arts has finally officially confirmed that a sequel to the legendary N64 title GoldenEye will appear later this year. GoldenEye 2 (working title) is currently in development on PS2, GameCube and Xbox at EA’s LA studios, the guys who worked most recently on Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.

After the stealth-centric action of the just-released Everything or Nothing, GoldenEye 2 is a return to the FPS action of old. Following the theme of the GoldenEye movie, in GE2 you play a former 00 agent who is forced to quit for being just too darned nasty. You promptly decide to join famed Bond bad guy Auric Goldfinger in his bid to crush rival crimelord Dr No. Oh, and you are GoldenEye, apparently.

On the potentially PR busting issue of the player not playing Bond, a spokesperson for EA declared: “Bond plays an important role early in the game, but this game isn’t about James Bond; it’s about the super villains and the clandestine underworld of the Bond universe. You won’t miss playing as James Bond once you get to know your very own bad-guy.”

EA’s John Riccitiello commented “We’ve been working kind of in secret for over a year to try and build a product that meets the expectations consumers have,” he said. “It’s a violent story-driven shooter. This isn’t the same debonair kind of Bond we’ve been building for the last couple of years.”

A who’s who of previous Bond baddies are rumoured to appear (c’mon Scaramanga…) although who makes it into the final title is going to be anyone’s guess. Free Radical, coders of the original, are veritable gods of the FPS doing an amazing job with both Perfect Dark and Timesplitters. LA studio’s, however, seem to rely more on marketing clout than actual technical achievement. Let’s hope G2 is going to break that trend…

GoldenEye 2 is set to appear in time for Christmas. We’ll have some screens for you soon, hopefully.

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