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Going on a Manhunt

A load of new info about Rockstar North’s new title Manhunt has come to light; and it seems death by carrier bag was just the beginning. For those of you who haven’t chanced upon Manhunt before, this horrible title features convicted felon James Earl Cash in the lead role, as an inmate of Death Row who is given a last-minute reprieve, of sorts.

When the hour of his execution arrives, Cash’s lethal injection turns out to be all a charade and the shaven-headed tough guy finds himself the plaything of mystery man and sicko known as The Director.

This control freak has taken a deserted city, filled it with surveillance cameras and sub-human scum intent on doing Cash an extremely physical discourtesy, and is now sitting back to watch the ensuing, carnage-splattered hi-jinks. That description, however, is probably all too jolly. Manhunt, it’s safe to say, is dark.

Cash finds himself in the unlovely surroundings of Carcer City, an urban sump-bucket bereft of normal citizens, populated instead exclusively with “hunters” – naturally, you’re the quarry.

All sounds a bit like a bad Jean-Claude Van Damme action movie at the moment, but what the hell, I’m game…

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