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Gears of War 3: Horde Command Pack

Gears of War

The Horde Command Pack for Gears of War 3 is a bit of departure from the previous DLC add-ons from Epic in the sense that it’s not so much about the new maps as it is about providing players a well-rounded pack of new things to play with from characters, weapon skins, and defense upgrades for Horde 2.0. Not that players aren’t going to enjoy the three included maps: Blood Drive, Azura, and Rustlung.

Blood Drive is a remake from Gears of War 2 with its main architectural features being two parallel staircases and a series of columns (good for shooting just as well as being shot at from). Rustlung is a noticeably smaller map while Azura is a beautiful courtyard overlooking a fountain, making for a decent mix of old and new.

Two weapon skin packs are included along with Big Rig Dizzy (an alternate, trucker-style outfit for Dizzy), Onyx Guards for use in multiplayer, and the grizzled Gear veteran Bernadette Mataki. While these are all appreciated additions, the real boon of this DLC pack are the additional upgrades made available for Horde mode.

Sentries can now be upgraded to deal even more damage while Silverbacks can now fire off rockets at enemies. Decoys can also be upgraded to bots that are going to actively fight on the player’s behalf, and those that have upgraded the turrets sufficiently will find they now have an entire command center (hence the name) at their fingertips. The biggest advantage to the command center is the ability to call in strikes, whether it be from mortars or the almighty Hammer of Dawn.

Keep in mind that these upgrades aren’t available immediately, however. Players still need to meet the necessary level requirements. At 800 Microsoft Points, the Horde Command Pack adds more oomph than the garden-variety map pack with nothing the average Gears of War 3 player would be disappointed about.

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