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GBA evolves into a phone

Nintendo continue to drag the Game Boy Advance into the future with another new high-tech add-on. This time it’s a video phone.

Nintendo must be proper scared of the PSP. Ever since Sony’s little handheld was announced they’ve been either drip-feeding us tidbits about the GBA 2, or wowing us with new peripherals for the current console.

Seemingly stealing ideas from Nokia’s N-Gage playbook, Ninty are working on improving the GBA’s communications capabilities. Which is easy because all they have to do is give it some. First there was the text message add-on, and now it’s a fully fledged video phone. It’s all relatively simple: you can see the person you’re calling on the GBA screen, a camera built into the cart lets the person on the end of the line see you and there’s a natty headset to capture all your vocal stylings.

Don’t get too excited though, word is that this isn’t going anywhere outside Ninty’s native Japan.

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