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GameSpot comments on Gertsmann’s departure

Following on from editor Jeff Gertsmann’s sacking, GameSpot have published a Q&A-style feature in an effort to clear up confusion on the incident and presumably regain some public confidence.

The general gist of the feature is [unsurprisingly] GameSpot’s stoic denial of neither the review nor any pressure from Eidos having anything to do with Jeff Gertsmann’s dismissal. They claim the specific reasons for his dismissal cannot be disclosed due to legal red tape, and stated “his departure was due purely for internal reasons.”


Kane & Lynch: Dead Men – the game at the centre of the controversy

They also say that the text in the review was altered in a decision by the staff members to reflect the game’s “fair 6.0 rating”, and that although Eidos representatives expressed displeasure at the score, it was never voiced to editorial staff.

Whatever the truth may be, it’s unlikely we’ll ever know for sure unless Gertsmann issues a statement about the incident. Click here to go to GameSpot and see the feature in full.

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