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Gamemaker magazine goes on sale

Bored to tears of all your existing games? Finally – a magazine that shows you how to extend their lifespan by modifying them yourself. The world’s favourite PC game, Counter-Strike, began life as a home-brewed mod for Half Life – and Gamemaker will show you how to get started on this path yourself.

In this 116-page first issue, we show you how to design your own levels, characters, vehicles and weapons for the PC’s biggest and best games. Create brand new maps for leading online shooters, such as Quake III, Unreal Tournament 2003 and Counter-Strike, or 3D model personalised characters to play as. Take to the skies in custom-built planes for Microsoft Flight Simulator, or modified cars and cities in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Script and create your own fantasy adventures in Neverwinter Nights and Warcraft III, or design brand new furnishings and characters in The Sims. Tutorials and software on the disc even enable you to create entirely new games in all genres from the ground up, or you can even learn how to become a 3D modeller overnight. We also take a look at the history of games mods, from Castle Smurfenstein through to Team Fortress 2, and ask the experts how to go about recruiting your own amateur game development team.

“It’s high time there was a games magazine dedicated to something other than previews and reviews”, says Gamemaker’s editor, Alec Meer. “Gamemaker shows its readers how to modify and expand the games they already own, thus making the transition from player to creator. With more and more games shipping with their own editing programs, it’s essential that their players are shown how to use them in no-nonsense terms, rather than wading through a mire of technical jargon and incomprehensible flow charts. With expert knowledge gleaned from sister magazines such as PC Format, PC Gamer and 3D World, and contributions from professional game designers, Gamemaker shows you how to take your games to the next level.”

Gamemaker goes on sale in W H Smiths, Sainsbury’s, Borders and all good newsagents from 18 September 2003. It sells for £5.99, and includes a 5Gb DVD stuffed with utilities and tools to modify, design and create games, and a mammoth archive of mods, maps and add-ons for existing favourites.

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