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First Street Fighter IV screenshot released

Street Fighter

The first screenshot of Street Fighter IV has been revealed. It shows front-man Ryu posing in a quiet Oriental street (which could well be Chun-Li’s level from SFII), with a bunch of NPCs in the background seemingly going about their business.

Ryu and Ken are returning, as are Chun Li and Dhalsim. Nothing else is confirmed at this time, although it seems likely much of the original cast will return.

If this is a genuine in-game shot, then it’s probably a fair assessment to assume this is not taken from the Wii as it looks beyond the console’s capabilities (unless Capcom have managed some unprecedented graphical wizardry – which wouldn’t be the first time). A PS3 and Xbox 360 release seems likely, although no platform or solid release date have been confirmed at this time. We’ll keep you posted as more info comes in.

Go here to have a look at the screenshot over at 1UP.

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