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First Mirror’s Edge screenshots

EA have released the first screenshots for their new first-person game, Mirror’s Edge.


The game is currently in development for PC, 360 and PS3 by Digital Illusions CE in Stockholm, Sweden, whose previous games include the Battlefield series, the RalliSport Challenge games and cult PSone racer Motorhead. No release date has been revealed yet, however it seems unlikely it will see light of day before 2009.

Billed as more of a first-person adventure than a shooter, your character has unrivalled contact and interaction with the environment, and she (yes, she) is also a bit dishy with Parkour. Whether it will be as fluent and enjoyable as Altair in the recent Assassin’s Creed remains to be seen, but we hope so.


Aside from Mirror’s Edge, DICE are also currently working on Battlefield: Bad Company which should be released sometime this year.

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