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First details and shots of Tony Hawk Sk8land

Tony Hawk

Activision has released the first details and images from Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land for DS.Developed by Vicarious Visions, the people responsible for the GBA Tony Hawk’s titles, American Sk8land requires players to prove their skating skills over seven areas within Los Angeles.

As well as featuring all the usual acrobatic four-wheeled frolicking that we’ve come to expect from the Hawk’s series, players will be able to compete head-to-head in various WiFi multiplayer modes, including Trick Attack, Score Challenge and Horse.

The touch-screen will display level maps complete with the locations of collectables and various textual aids, although it will also be used to perform special tricks, for customising your deck and graffiti tags, and for recovering combo scores when you bail.

Players can also use the handheld’s microphone to record their own personalised whoops of delight for when they clear a gap or perform a special trick, or to mutter foul-mouthed obscenities that will spew out of the system’s speakers when they bail.

As you’ll see from the shots, American Sk8land will also be presented in a rather fetching cel-shaded graphical style.

Available this autumn, it should give DS owners something to shout about. Finally.

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