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FIFA returns (as usual)


It’s getting to that time again. The 2004 sports sims are all gearing up for autumn releases, including the perennial FIFA.

EA today released the first pieces of info about the upcoming FIFA 2004 for PS2, PC, GameCube and Xbox. The major change this year is the introduction of a more advanced tactical system, for which EA sought help from FIFA’s Technical Committee. Erich Rutemoller, a member of the coaching staff for the German national side, came on board to share his vast knowledge of tactics with the development team.

Also reaping the benfits of an upgrade is the career mode, which allows you to take a team to the top from the lower divisions, signing new players along the way. There is also talk of online play for the PC and PS2 (there’s no talk of Xbox Live thanks to EA’s disagreement with Microsoft over the way it is run) and the GameCube version will enjoy connectivity with the GBA.

This’ll be the next round in the FIFA vs. Pro Evolution war that’s erupted. Maybe this year, EA’ll give Konami a run for their money.

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