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FFXI confirmed for March in US, no news for Europe

US gamers can play Final Fantasy XI on PS2 in March next year. Live anywhere near Europe? You can whistle for it, mate.

Who’d be a European, eh? While America get to fight all the cool wars and the Japanese are busy inventing techno gadgets and stuff, us Europeans have nothing better to do than sit around in our lederhosen, reading romance novels and chomping on tulips. What a loser continent we really are. This certainly seems to be the thinking at most of the world’s major games companies these days, and the latest snub for us onion-munching morris dancers is the total lack of info on a UK port of Final Fantasy XI on PS2.

Japanese gamers are probably bored of playing Final Fantasy XI by now, seeing as the game’s been released for around a year now already – its online community is thriving and eager Fantasy-heads are already waiting for the twelfth instalment due next year. US gamers can circle March 2004 in their diaries, as Final Fantasy XI rolls out stateside pre-installed on a 40GB hard drive for around 60 quids. Do you live in Europe? Yeah, sorry – Square have kind of forgotten about you.

With Xbox live going from strength to strength over here, you’d think Sony could pull there finger out a bit. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see as usual.

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